Sunday, February 3, 2013

DIY Valentine (Free downloads)

I've never been much into Valentines Day- the tacky hearts everywhere, the obscene amount of junk it creates.  Yet, every Feb. 14th I can't help but get a little caught up in the idea of it.  Telling our loved ones we love them, well we never really to enough of that, do we?  So a little (tiny bit) of cutesy is okay with me, so long as it's hand made and thoughtful.  And maybe a few handmade sweets are in order too.

And so I found myself, in my (few) baby free moments yesterday, sitting down with my favorite set of watercolors (though I have professional grade, there is something about the bright colors from this little student set) and doodling some valentines. 

I am happy to share them with you too- as a template, or if you'd prefer as printable postcards.  You are free to use as many as you'd like to share with your cherished ones (so long as you keep in mind that these are my images and they are not for sale.)

Simply print them off (make sure your printer ink won't run), break out your favorite set of watercolors and get to work.  The numbers work well for fun messages like, "Ten reasons you're awesome..." or "Three; How many years we've known each other."  And now, I'm off to reorder some red watercolor, as mine seems to be used up!

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